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Directory of Organic & Natural Products

On my journey to lead a natural life without toxins, dairy and gluten, I have researched, tried and tested many natural and organic products. Delving beneath the claims made by companies selling ‘natural’ products has been quite a challenge. You have to get very good at reading ingredients labels and deciphering how organic or clean a product really is.

I’m still learning but here is a directory of natural and organic products that I have found to be clean and high-quality. If you have a product that you would like to be considered for this directory please get in touch.

Natural Skincare

Living Libations

I love love love Living Libations products and attitude to skincare. They are my go-to guaranteed natural skincare brand. Founder Nadine Artemis is an absolute goddess and is so knowledgeable about natural beauty and holistic living. She has authored two books, one of which is Renegade Beauty, a must-read for uncovering your innate natural beauty.

My favourite products include:

  • Best Skin Ever (Rose) – calling a facial oil ‘best skin ever’ is a bold claim but it’s true! I use this wonderful product for cleansing, exfoliating with a cloth and moisturising.
  • Seabuckthorn All Over Lotion – beautifully scented body moisturiser

Living Libations International website:

You can order to the UK from Living Libations but import taxes and shipping are high. I order from and

Pure Lakes

Natural skincare, handmade in the English Lake District. All ingredients are naturally derived and ethically sourced. Products are made in their Lake District workshop. My favourite is the Rose & Geranium Hand & Body lotion.

Corrine Taylor

Soothe Calming Face Mask – a natural mineral face mask formulated with french pink clay, organic rosehip powder, organic lavender, chamomile and frankincense.

Faith in Nature

Delicious smelling shower gel, handwash, hand cream and shampoos. I particularly like the Wild Rose Body Wash, Seaweed & Citrus Handwash and the Grapefruit & Orange Hand & Body Lotion. This range is really affordable, available in large refill sizes and is made with natural fragrance and no SLS or parabens.


Organic and natural skincare. I have tried a few of the face care products but found some of the ingredients to be too harsh and drying for my sensitive skin, especially witchhazel. Also, many of the products have alcohol in and I prefer to use versions without, such as from Living Libations.


Deodorants free from chemicals and aluminium.

Living Libations Poetic Pits

Another favourite of mine. This odorant is simply a mix of essential oils that incorporates sandalwood for a natural musky scent. Somehow they have concocted a product that makes you smell better the more you sweat. It sounds ridiculous but I sniff my pits all day when I wear this, it smells that good! Available in many different scents, for men and women. See skincare section above for UK suppliers.

Ku.tis Skincare

Handmade in Wales from natural and mostly organic ingredients, these stick deodorants smell great and are kind to skin. They also come in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Make Up


Organic hypoallergenic make up for sensitive skin. As someone with sensitive skin it is a relief to find a brand that really focuses on creating gentle make up.

Favourite products include their eye make up – Pencil Eyeliner, Lengthening Mascara and face make up – Loose Powder Foundation and Powder Blusher.

Dr Hauschka

All-natural skincare without mineral oils, silicones, PEGs and synthetic preservatives. Made of 100% natural raw ingredients, many of which are organic and even of biodynamic quality. 

I’ve only tried Dr Hauschka lipsticks but they are great quality and I intend to try other make up from the range too. I particularly like the Sheer Lipstick in 04 florentina, it’s a lovely light, everyday colour, although does wear off by lunchtime. The normal lipsticks have a much deeper pigment and good staying power.

Hair Dye

It’s Pure Organics

Organic herbal hair colour. I searched far and wide to find a natural hair dye without any chemicals and this is the only one I’ve found so far. Thankfully, it is a great natural hair dye in a range of colours. You can order samples to get the right colour for you. My hairdresser comes to my house to apply this for me, having a professional apply it makes a huge difference to the colour saturation.

Food & Drink

Tiana Fairtrade Organics

High quality organic coconut oils and coconut products. We use the raw coconut oil for cooking, skincare and haircare.

The Chicory Co.

Delicious organic chicory coffee. A great alternative to coffee, chicory root is naturally caffeine-free and a source of inulin (prebiotic fibre that can be lacking from your diet if you are gluten-free, like me).


Range of non-dairy organic milk. We use Plenish organic coconut and oat milk. I love these milks not just for being organic, but for the fact that there are no unnecessary added ingredients, fillers or emulsifiers. Each milk has only three or four ingredients such as oat, water and salt, and coconut, water, salt and rice. And, importantly for me, the oat milk is gluten-free.

Freee Foods

A gluten-free food brand that focuses on natural whole grains and plant-based ingredients. So many gluten-free products are full of nasties, it is great to find a brand that wants to do gluten-free in a natural and organic way. I like the Supergrain Hoops, Chocolate Chip Oat Bars, 100% Brown Rice Pasta and their range of flours – all organic and vegan.

Riverford Organic Farmers

Organic veg box delivery service in the UK. Fantastic quality, ethical business and using sustainable farming methods. You simply subscribe to a weekly or fortnightly box and you can add to your order with extra fruit and veg or meat. You can also change to a different type of box weekly if you want. The empty veg box is sent back each week and all packaging can be recycled or returned for composting.

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