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  • Health Benefits of Tongue Scraping

    Health Benefits of Tongue Scraping

    Tongue scraping is the simple act of gently scraping the top layer of coating off your tongue with a U-shaped instrument. It is an ancient Ayurvedic practice used to enhance general well-being and rid the mouth of excess toxins. Done properly, tongue scraping doesn’t hurt, it is quick, cheap and beneficial for your health. Plus, […]

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  • How Cold Showers Helped Raynaud’s Disease

    How Cold Showers Helped Raynaud’s Disease

    If the thought of starting the day with a cold shower sends a shiver down your spine, you’re not alone. That was my view too just 12 months ago. However, they have now become a life-changing, invigorating and, dare I say it, enjoyable part of my daily routine. Fighting cold with cold – or how […]

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  • Toxins & Natural Alternatives

    Toxins & Natural Alternatives

    I’m going to start this post by saying ‘Don’t Panic!’, which is the opposite of what I did when I first found out about all the toxins in my home and beauty products. When you start to uncover the hidden nasties in everyday household items, it can be unnerving and I initially did feel quite […]

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  • Healing Herbal Teas

    Healing Herbal Teas

    In recent years I’ve become a bit of a herbal tea aficionado (very rock n’ roll, lol). This started when a lot of pleasures in my ‘old life’ got put on the naughty list due to my desire to heal naturally from Crohn’s Disease and IBS. The old me used to love anything ‘bread’ – […]

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  • Acupuncture for Healing, Migraines & Chronic pain

    Acupuncture for Healing, Migraines & Chronic pain

    Acupuncture is one of those treatments that I had heard of but paid absolutely no attention to, because, how on earth could sticking needles in your body work? How wrong I was. After experiencing the wonder of acupuncture for myself, I am now a firm believer in its healing abilities for a huge range of […]

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  • My Story

    My Story

    Are you ready to start your journey to a natural life? Here’s how I began mine … An extreme set of circumstances and ill health, including Crohn’s Disease, high blood pressure, Reynaud’s Disease, hormonal migraines and getting sick with anything that was going around, set me on a journey of discovery. This journey was, and […]

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