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Natural, chemical-free, sustainable laundry

Considering buying the Ecoegg laundry egg? Want an honest, independent review from someone who has used it for a couple of months? I bought the laundry egg for three reasons; one – to avoid the chemicals found in most laundry detergents; two – for sustainability; and three – because I was intrigued if it would actually work?

And did it work? Read on my friend …

I had encountered the Ecoegg laundry egg on a few occasions but I couldn’t quite get my head around it. How could a plastic egg with ceramic balls inside – and no liquid, laundry powder or detergent – work? As I couldn’t comprehend it, I kept passing it by. Then a lovely little local shop started stocking them and wanting to support the shop, I bought one.


  • Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Unscented, cost £10

The Ecoegg is available in three scents:

  1. Fragrance free – the one I tried
  2. Fresh Linen
  3. Spring Blossom

I’ve since found out that you can get it cheaper than £10 by shopping around online. It does 70 washes and then you need a refill of ceramic balls, which costs approximately £5 and does 50 washes. The egg itself is guaranteed for 10 years.

It is simply a plastic egg that you fill with ceramic balls – no soap, detergent or liquid is required. Take a look at Ecoegg’s video at the end of the blog to see it in action.

The idea is that the laundry egg replaces both laundry detergent and softener – thereby providing quite a good cost-saving. It will also save a lot of plastic detergent bottles being used as the egg has a 10 year guarantee – just think how many plastic bottles you would use over 10 years!

Does the laundry egg work?

But does it work? Absolutely! It’s like a mini miracle every time I wash our clothes. No harsh chemicals, no plastic waste and clean clothes. I’m sold!

That said, there are a few adjustments that I’ve had to make and I have some tips for using the laundry egg successfully.


  • No toxins, no nasty chemicals
  • Kind to sensitive skin
  • Green laundry solution – no chemicals being rinsed into the water system
  • Sustainable – less plastic bottle waste
  • Cleans laundry well
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Hardly takes up any space in your under sink cupboard.


  • While the laundry egg washes clothes well, there are some occasions where heavily stained items don’t come out perfectly clean. This isn’t an issue for me but I guess it depends what you are washing.
  • It can be a little noisy, especially with a half load, as the laundry egg can clunk around the washing machine.
  • The egg can be a bit rough on delicate clothes. I had a silk bra that was frayed by it. I probably shouldn’t have been washing that in the machine anyway but who has time for hand washing!
  • Due to the lack of softener, some items, such as towels, can come out a little crispy. This doesn’t bother me but you could always put a drop of softener in with towels. In the past, I used Surcare, which is good for sensitive skin. Due to the crispiness, you may find that you need to iron clothes more.
  • When you first switch to the laundry egg, your washing machine can smell a bit, especially if you are using fragrance free. The washing machine smell is normally disguised by highly scented laundry powders and liquids. After a week or so the smell goes – see tip below for cleaning the washing machine and using essential oil.


  • Clean your washing machine before starting to use the egg. Ecoegg have detox tablets available that they recommend using once a month on a hot wash.
  • I find that a 2/3 full load is the best combo to get clean clothes and less noise.
  • If you have delicate items, I recommend a hand wash or washing them inside a pillowcase.
  • I chose the fragrance free egg as I don’t like ‘fake’ scented laundry. But once I started using it I did miss the clothes having a nice smell. They didn’t smell unpleasant, just of nothing. So I experimented with adding essential oils and my favourite is lavender. You can add any oil that doesn’t have a strong colour to it.

Just add 1 drop of lavender essential oil to your softener drawer for beautiful lightly-scented clothes.

Would I buy it again?

100%. The laundry egg is a keeper for me! Yes, I’ve had to make some accommodations for it and change the way I do laundry. However, I see that as a tiny trade-off for the lack of toxins we are exposed to and the health benefits that come from a toxin-free lifestyle. I also love the natural lavender scent of our clothes and feel good that I’ve made a small step in helping our planet by using less plastic.

Have you tried the Ecoegg laundry egg? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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