We Have All the Time in the World

“I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy”, “I wish there was another hour in the day”. These are phrases that I used to say/still say but am trying to give up. In reality, I do have the time. In fact, I have all the time in the world.

My truth is that I just have lots of things I want to do. Lots!


My priorities right now are spending time with family and a few special friends, being in nature, writing my book, sharing natural living discoveries through this blog and creating a sanctuary for my daughters in our home and garden.

Then there’s all the other stuff that needs to get done like the day job, housework and an endless stream of life admin. So, it’s a constant balancing act and some things will have to slip a little.

Changing mindset

I used to tell myself that I didn’t have time for a daily walk but now I go straight from the school run for half an hour and the rest of my to-dos just fit in around it.

I used to think that I wouldn’t have time to write a book but now I allocate time in advance and stick to it (mostly!).

I even used to tell myself that I didn’t have time to eat a proper lunch or cook meals from scratch. Now I spend time making home-cooked meals with fresh organic ingredients.

This does mean that I don’t really have time to sit and watch a bit of TV in the evenings and I have had to drop some other activities. However, I don’t really miss them.

So, now I’m trying to re-educate myself that I do have plenty of time – 24 wonderful hours in every day.

What could you do?

Is there anything you tell yourself you don’t have time for but could maybe rethink?

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