An extreme set of circumstances and ill health, including Crohn's Disease, high blood pressure, Reynaud's Disease, hormonal migraines and getting sick with anything that was going around, set me on a journey of discovery. This journey was, and still is, one that amazes me and inspires me every day. At the core of it all... Continue Reading →

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Cold Showers & Raynaud’s Disease

If the thought of starting the day with a cold shower sends a shiver down your spine, you're not alone. That was my view too just 12 months ago. However, they have now become a life-changing, invigorating and, dare I say it, enjoyable part of my daily routine. Fighting cold with cold - or how... Continue Reading →

Toxins & natural alternatives

I'm going to start this post by saying 'Don't Panic!', which is the opposite of what I did when I first found out about all the toxins in my home and beauty products. When you start to uncover the hidden nasties in everyday household items, it can be unnerving and I initially did feel quite... Continue Reading →

Herbal Tea

In recent years I've become a bit of a herbal tea aficionado (very rock n' roll, lol). This started when a lot of pleasures in my 'old life' got put on the naughty list due to my desire to heal naturally from Crohn's Disease and IBS. The old me used to love anything 'bread' -... Continue Reading →


Acupuncture for healing, migraines and chronic pain Acupuncture is one of those treatments that I had heard of but paid absolutely no attention to, because, how on earth could sticking needles in your body work? How wrong I was. After experiencing the wonder of acupuncture for myself, I am now a firm believer in its... Continue Reading →

Beeswax Candles

It was a shock to me when I learnt that regular paraffin candles put toxins into the air when they are burnt. I’m not quite sure why I was surprised by this, after all, they are made from paraffin wax and that is a by-product of petroleum refinery – yep, the stuff that you put... Continue Reading →

Facial Oil

Facial oil or moisturiser? I was firmly in the ‘moisturiser’ camp but in recent years I’ve switched allegiance. I had faithfully used e45 cream as my face moisturiser for 20 years! Until recently nothing else worked for me. I tried lots of the posh brands but they always irritated my sensitive skin. I didn’t mind... Continue Reading →

Eye Make-up

Natural eye make-up. I've been inspired to swap my eye make-up to natural alternatives since reading Janey Lee Grace's book 'How to Look Great Naturally ... Without Ditching the Lipstick'. After discovering the damage that hidden chemicals can inflict on the body, I'm trying to remove toxins from my home and skincare regime. My plan... Continue Reading →

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